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We Help You Make Smart Financial Decisions.

Fee-based financial planning in Lewisburg, PA.

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Let Us Do The Hard Work For You.

Life gets busy enough without having to worry about your finances, and so much goes into planning for the future that it's difficult to make sure that everything is covered.  Here we help take care of these important things so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy and living life. 

We help take the workload off of you by providing financial planning, wealth management, and retirement planning services to our clients on a personal, one-on-one basis.

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Real Advice. Real Solutions.

Making smart financial decisions doesn't have to be complicated. We help by simplifying the issues and giving you specific, actionable steps to solve a problem or move towards a goal. The most common concerns are usually some form of the three below:

Am I On Track?

Do you wonder if you're doing everything right financially? Sometimes it's difficult to know if you are taking the appropriate steps. Taxes, investments, 401K rules, etc... It's easy to get lost and then put it off till later.

Will I Have Enough?

Not sure if you are saving enough or have put enough away to comfortably retire? You are definitely not alone. A retirement savings and income plan is essential for building wealth and preserving your assets.

What About Risk?

Are you taking too much risk with your investments? Or maybe not enough? Market downturns can be brutal on a portfolio exposed to too much risk, and inflation can silently eat up money if invested too conservatively.

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Who We Help

Young Professionals

Plan for you and your children's future without sacrificing your own goals. 


The last 10 years before retirement are integral. Our retirement checklist gets you there.  


You've worked hard to get here. We'll make sure you can enjoy it with confidence. 

Case Studies

How We Work

Step 1: Talk with us

We invite you to come and have an introductory visit with us at no charge. This is a short, get-to-know-you meeting where you can learn about us and see if we will be a good fit working together. This can be in person, by video conference, or just by phone.

We rarely do business on a first visit; our goal here is simply to learn about you, what your needs are, and then come up with solutions to address them.

We then invite you for a second meeting where we can present recommendations and discuss your options.

Step 2: Get a plan

Once we decide to proceed forward, we will design a detailed financial plan that contains specific, actionable recommendations to address any needs or issues you told us about earlier. We provide a printable, online, or email version.

We will review your plan together to ensure accuracy and that everything you need was addressed, as well as make any adjustments as necessary.

After we've finished your plan we then get started on helping you complete any action items and guide you through the steps going forward. 

Step 3: Cheers! 

You're done, now it's time to relax! With your financial plan in place it's now our job to take the wheel and help guide you from here on out. We will follow up diligently to make sure that all the steps of your plan get completed, as well as make sure we've answered all your questions.

Our service doesn't stop there either. When you become a client we make a lifetime commitment to be there for you. Times change, but we will be here to make sure your plan stays relevant.

And you are always welcome to contact or meet with us as often as needed; we enjoy visiting with our clients and want you to feel at home.

See a Sample Financial Plan


What I enjoy the most about my job is helping people put all the pieces together. 

Justin Buttrick, AAMS® Photo

Justin Buttrick, AAMS®

President & Wealth Manager

As President & Founder, Justin has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry. If you ask Justin what he does for a living, he will tell you “I help people make smart financial decisions”, and this quote reflects his philosophy in his approach to financial planning. Whether it’s preparing for retirement, buying a house, selling a business, or just getting organized, he will develop an intelligent plan based around your specific needs and guide you every step of the way.

After many successful years at a national brokerage firm, he founded Vision Wealth Advisors in 2011 to offer his clients a higher standard of objective advice and personal attention. Reflected in the company name is his vision of helping people align their values with their finances and providing a more tailored, personalized experience for his clients.

Justin holds a B.A. in Economics from Temple University, and earned an M.S. in Financial Planning from one of the top CFP® Board Registered Programs in the country at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. In addition, Justin holds the Accredited Asset Management Specialist℠ (AAMS®) designation from the College for Financial Planning. He is also a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard, having served aboard the USCGC MOHAWK in Key West, Florida from 2001-2005.

Justin has been a resident of Lewisburg for the last 7 years. If you wake up very early you can catch him working out at the local gym, he likes to start his day with exercise and also enjoys basketball and martial arts. His latest hobby is cheering on the Penn State Men's Basketball team where his brother Trent plays as a senior. He is an avid reader and is always looking for sources to improve his financial knowledge. A few of Justin's favorite finance books are: The Big Short, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Financial Peace, and Fooled by Randomness.

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